5 Best Smart Water Softeners

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5 Best Smart Water Softeners

5 Best Smart Water Softeners

They are lifestyle and user-friendly and are the upgraded version of water softening systems. Smart water softener systems work efficiently in improving the quality of your water supply. Smart water softeners come with many amazing features. For example, it can calculate the salt and water consumption and even show the remaining battery life of your water softener among other functions.

You can improve the quality of your water with the best smart water softener as many homes are already using this device and they have been found to be very effective. However, you might feel lost looking for the best smart water softener as there are many of them available- if you’re reading this, then no need to worry, you’re at the right place. In this article, we have put together a collection of the best smart water softeners to help you make a sound decision. If you’re ready, then let’s begin.

5 Best Smart Water Softeners

Things To Know Before Buying Smart Water Softener


A smart water softener can be found on the market from $300 to $3000. The price is usually dependent on the manufacturing, advanced technologies included, materials used and additional features, and the brand.

System Capacity

It is important to consider the system capacity of your smart water softener and this is because it depends on the size of your household. For example, if you are having an apartment of 20,000-grain system capacity then it’s enough. You will need a model with at least 60,000-grain capacity if you are having a larger house with about 6 people.


Type of the water softening system.

Most smart water softener models are salt-based softening systems and as such, they are very efficient. However, if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly friendly model, you can choose the salt-free system

Additional User-Friendly Features

It is a great thing to have a smart water softening device that comes with additional features basically built into the system. It’s important to know that some smart water softening systems are multifunctional functional and as such, they offer both softening and filtration systems.

The Best Smart Water Softeners

Bypass Valve

You have to always check if the smart water softening system you plan on buying comes with a bypass valve. The bypass valve is the switch that allows the water to go through the pipes and also acts as the switch that stops the water from entering the softener. This is very necessary and also very important when you’re carrying out maintenance works in the future.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

Aside from the price of the smart water softener, it is also important to consider the cost that comes with installation and maintenance. Some models are difficult to set up compared to others and as such, will require a professional for the installation while with other models,  you will not need a professional installer as they are quite easy to set up.  Therefore, it is important that when calculating your budget, you generally consider the potential cost that will,  with installation and maintenance.


The best smart water softeners you will find on the markets are those that are certified by third-party organizations. Although this is not a requirement, it gives them confidence that the product meets certain set standards by these organizations. These are the crucial factors you should consider and as such, should be on the top of your list. You should take your time and decide whether a unit will be suitable for your home or not – it is always better to purchase the best smart water softener system than waste your time and money on a poor-quality one.

Review of the best smart water softeners

1. Water2buy W2B800 Meter Water Softener

Water2buy W2B800 Meter Water Softener

Whether you live in the city or you have well-water, this water2buy W2B800 meter water softener system will be able to deliver a completely limescale-free water supply for the whole family.

There are tons of benefits that come with having a smart water softener at home and the water2buy W2B800 meter water softener is no exception. This water2buy W2B800 meter water softener is a high-strength and highly resistant to corrosion fiberglass water softener.

water2buy W2B800 meter water softener comes as a full package as each unit has a pre-installed bypass valve and lever, a US power supply, 28mm high flow connection fittings, silicone, and a manual. It is easy and ready to install with the help of the easy-to-connect app. The water2buy W2B800 meter water softener is perfect for basements and garages as each unit’s dimension is 225 by 500 by 1100 mm.

When installing it, its compact design makes it able to fit anywhere and also leaves enough space for the hose. This water2buy W2B800 meter water softener model features an automatic cleaning system. The unit can automatically perform a regeneration process and as such, you don’t need to start a manual regeneration.

The meter softener available can measure the water usage that is connected to the automated regeneration process. water2buy W2B800 meter water softener‘s important to know that the regeneration system usually runs at 3 AM at which time the water supply is not in use.


  • Very compact design
  • Automatic cleaning feature
  • Very durable
  • Comes with a digital metered control


  • Manual is difficult to follow through

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2. Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Filter Hybrid

The Whirlpool WHESFC PRO comes as a 2-in-1 unit smart water softener. It is very suitable for large families as it is engineered and designed for homes with about 1 to 5 occupants. This Whirlpool WHESFC PRO water softener has a hardness removal rating of 120 grains per gallon,  which is above average, it also has a 31,000-grain,n not capacity.

This makes its hardness removal filter system very amazing.  In addition, it can remove the odor and taste of chlorine from water and also reduce water contaminants such as sediments. With the Whirlpool WHESFC pro series, you don’t have to worry about replacing the filters and the unit is designed in such a way that it can on its own clean the filter and as such, you don’t have to do it manually.

As a smart water softening system, it operates with a demand-initiated regeneration technology.   With this technology, it can produce soft water while efficiently using salt. Whirlpool WHESFC PRO also regenerates only when it is necessary as it automatically monitors the water usage.


  • Uses salt efficiently
  • No need to replace the filter
  • Comes as a single-tank system


  • Gallons per day usage cannot be read

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3. GE Appliances GXMH31H Water Softener
GE Appliances GXMH31H Water Softener

The GE Appliances GXMH31H Smart Water Softener is built with SmartSoft technology which tracks and records the household’s water-use pattern and will notify you of everything occurring in the water softener system. GE Appliances GXMH31H Smart Water Softener comes with an excellent feature that gives users the opportunity to select the softness of the water. This is possible as it comes with an exclusive blending valve.

GE Appliances GXMH31H Smart Water Softener also comes with an advanced filtration system that can reduce the chlorine taste and odor. The electronic controls of this unit are easy to use. GE Appliances GXMH31H Smart Water Softener comes with days to empty status that indicates when it’s time to refill the salt tank.

You don’t have to look and guess what most people do with other water softener systems. This also means that you can get ready and prepare the salt beforehand. The electronic controls of the GE Appliances GXMH31H are very easy to use. The system notifies you beforehand when it’s to refill so you can get the salt ready and on time.


  • Excellent electronic controls
  • Advanced filtration
  • Salt-saver saver
  • Custom select blending valve


  • Difficult to set-up

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4. EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System

5 Best Smart Water Softeners

This EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System system comes with salt-saving and auto-sensing technologies. These features are what determine the amount of salt and water needed for the regeneration process. This EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System helps to reduce water and salt usage significantly. It is very easy not only to set up but to also maintain this water softening system.

Due to EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System’s compact design, it is able to fit almost everywhere. It comes with programming controls and indicator lights which will easily notify the user when the tanks are empty and would need a refill. Another interesting thing about this smart water softener is its certification. EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System is NSF-certified. This certification means it is tested and proven to lessen hard minerals from water.

Aside from its ability to lessen hard water-causing minerals, EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System also reduces harmful contaminants such as sediments, chlorine, lead, and many more. This EcoPure EPHS Water Softener System is generally to ensure that you have access to a soft water supply. You don’t have to worry about cleaning buildups on your pipes, showerhead, or faucets.


  • Very easy to set up and maintain
  • Features a salt saving technology
  • Reduces potential scaling
  • Has filtration and softening features.


  • Not a direct replacement to all Kenmore water softeners

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5. GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener

GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener

This GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener smart water softening system comes with an indicator that informs the user of everything that is happening in the system. GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener also comes with days of empty features. This feature notifies users of when to refill the salt tank so they get to refill it at the correct time.

With the GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener, you can have a steady supply of soft water and be able to keep the excess water at a minimum at the same time. This GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener helps the user to save up to 20% less water than with other smart water softeners.


  • Uses less water
  • Cokes with an empty days feature
  • Electronic control feature


  • Gives a weird smell and taste after installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Mix Different Types of Salt in The Water Softener?

Each water softener is designed to use a specific type of salt. It is therefore important to use what is recommended by the manufacturer.

Do Water Softeners Make Water Safe to Drink?

Water softeners are not designed to purify water from contaminants or make them safe to drink. They are designed to reduce the number of minerals in the water,  not harmful bacteria or viruses.

When do the Resin Beads Need to Be Changed?

If they are maintained properly, you may not need to replace them in their lifetime.

How can you measure the hardness of your water?

You can find out how hard your water is by measuring magnesium, calcium, and other minerals


When looking for the best smart water softener, they are many things to consider. We believe that you probably have an idea of the best smart water softener to go for. It is important that you take notes and make a checklist based on the factors we’ve mentioned above. Weigh the pros and cons of each product featured above and use it to determine which smart water softener is the best fit for you.